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Carbon Foodprint
Our clients have a growing interest in creating a strategic plan for lowering their carbon footprint. Commercial food service is a resource intense operation (on site and in value chain leading up to and away from it) and we have an opportunity to provide our clients cost effective solutions to lower the environmental impact of the food service.

This web based tool allows you to build a step by step strategy for lowering the carbon footprint of your foodservice operations. It provides an elemental level of education and is supported by a variety of tools that will facilitate implementation of your strategy.
This simple tool guides you through four strategic paths to minimizing your Carbon Foodprint:


  • Menu Engineering based on food and beverage production, transportation and other souring criteria.
  • Kitchen Services guidelines for eco-friendly application of grab & go smallwares and cleaning chemicals.
  • Site Equipment recommendations of best practices for use of cooking & chilling equipment, ventilation, ware washing and waste equipment.
  • Facilities Management best design systems for buildings, lighting and waste management.


View the Carbon Foodprint site here

*The Carbon Foodprint tool is only accessible by Compass employees at this time.

If you would like to learn more please contact Julia Jordan

Documents Available for Download:


Carbon Foodprint Pocket Guide













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